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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Foldables for Treasures

No worksheets! Let's make our teaching more exciting. Our district uses McGraw Hill Treasures as our reading basal. This year we are excited to not HAVE to do the achievement type tests each week and unit assessments. I was encouraged by searching the many classroom websites to find foldables. (Actually it is endorsed by Treasures and included in their teacher's manuals. pdf

We begin on Monday of each week by creating the large foldable which will contain our smaller foldables. I review the skills that are included each week and decide which skills can be taught with a different approach.

Step 1:
Make a shutter fold by finding the center of the 11 x 18 construction paper. Both ends are folded to this point.

Step 2: I make copies of our story cover page or topic of the week. The kids glue this on the front of the shutter fold. By placing their hand inside the construction paper, they can lift up the front, crease, and cut on the creased line. This allows the foldable to open.

Step 3: Each day (Monday --Thursday) we add to our foldable with items such as vocabulary words, grammar skills, phonics, word sorts, etc. This example is what we did on Monday with our vocabulary words.

By folding a "pretty" copy size paper into a hotdog fold the kids cut on lines to create four sections that will open. The vocabulary words were glued on the front. Tomorrow we will write sentences on strips of handwriting paper (using each word) and open the purple paper to glue the sentences inside.

Spelling words for this week are placed in the middle section. We practice writing the words and assembling the words:
I just create a word document with the needed letters inserted into a table. We can search for phonetic patterns, blends and digraphs, etc.

We sorted short i words by families today and this was glued on the back of the cover. I found it in the blog of The Teeny Tiny Teacher.
The kids enjoy creating and learning--and we have a nice package at the end of the week showcasing our learning.


  1. Hi Jeanne,

    I love this idea. I too teach Treasures and was hoping that you could share one with me so that I can have a template to go by. Thanks in advanced.

  2. I really don't have a template. I just decide what I want to include as to skills, etc. and how I will have it to go on the foldable. If you have the manuals for Teacher's Resources you will find lots of foldables to make. The teacher that shared this with me actually has her kids place all the pages on at the beginning of the week. I'm not that organized! We add ours each day.

  3. Try this link for the "book" that we were given.