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Monday, August 8, 2011

Teacher Family

As I sit in the recliner on the eve of the first day with my new set of first graders my heart is somewhat heavy. It seems so much is changing in education--around the nation as well as our local state/district. What inspired me to become a teacher was the love of kids, the love of reading, and the desire to always reach out to better the world.

Sharing with my team our concerns, our goals, our thoughts on the ever-changing world of our classroom it came to me that it is this common fear, aspirations, and hope that all is well! Yes, we are a family. We share our lives within those four walls--or as part of our building--a circle.

But it also is the blogs and internet that connect us worldwide! I haven't met ANY of my blog list that I read so I won't be able to sit and chat. But we share our love for teaching and it is through these blogs that inspirations can mend the heavy heart when needed. Since I began following Abby and Cara and Mrs. Bainbridge, etc. the knowledge that this family will be there to lend support can help through the most negative, doubting, dark moments.

Today when I managed to make it to the recliner when I am supposed to be working on  lesson plans for the rest of this week, I logged on to ProTeacher to check on more "family". I had a feeling. I noticed. I could read between the lines--no mention of setting up a classroom for one of my "first" "most important" literacy coach first/second grade teacher. She had taken a maternity leave last year when her sweet boy was born. Oh, the task of making a choice--stay home or return to the classroom. And yes, today she blogged about making a decision. I would have made the same choice if given the opportunity--mother or teacher??? If you have read the blog: Once Upon a Reading Workshop over at Proteacher you will understand how support is so important to this family of teachers.

Thank you, fellow bloggers, for your sharing of your positive and negatives! We are definitely a family.

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