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Monday, August 1, 2011

If you give a teacher...

one little idea from Dollar can lead to a lot of things--a whole lot of things!

Neat looking polka dotted trays in green, blue, and pink began my summer of fun in searching for decor for my room that I spend way too much time in. Michaels has those great 40% off coupons and teacher discounts which led me to find...

Aren't those 12 kinds of cute? And of course--they are polka-dotted! But while browsing through Michaels--they also now have some neat teacher items guessed it--polka dots again!!!

which coordinates with my crate seats covered in beach towels from...Target!!! (I did get to enjoy my favorite of popcorn and diet coke combo while on this dot search).

And if you give a teacher some crate seats and bulletin board trim, she might  searches for more ideas. But thanks to the blog world and not even having to leave my recliner, I found the neatest idea from The Inspired Apple. Abby shows exactly how to make the "flag" banners. So...this teacher just happened to get to visit JoAnn's fabrics while on vacation because the nearest one is two hours away from my home. Did you know that fabric comes in fat quarters? I didn't but...amazingly...this just popped up at JoAnn's and I got to use another 40% off for...

This great colors became banners for my bulletin boards...

Is that not 12 kinds of fun for my kids that come next Sunday for Open House???? I have just enough of the banner left to decorate my door.

I even found great printables from Teaching in Flip Flops to use for My Daily 5, calendar numbers, mailbox numbers...

And to wrap it all up in a neat...polka dot bow!

Whew...this teacher needs a cookie and a cup of milk with a napkin!


  1. Your classroom looks GREAT! I'm so anxious to get into mine! I have a question - how do you like those foam squares for your group area? I've heard mixed reviews. Also, where did you buy yours?!

  2. Thanks! I love the foam squares. They feel good to sit on, they can be washed, etc. I bought mine by googling foam squares and just looked around for the best price/quality. They do sell them at Sam's Club in four colors.

  3. Oh, my stuff in someone else's room :) Yay!!! LOVE IT!! I've been seeing those trays everywhere, I MUST get them!! LOVE the room!!

    ♥ Christie
    Teaching in Flip Flops

  4. Love your color combo! I especially like the pretty blue you have on your bulletin boards. Is that paper or fabric?

  5. I use fabric on my bulletin boards. It never fades!

  6. I love fabric also, our fire marshal just made us stop using fabric....=( It is so silly

  7. Just found your blog and became your newest follower!! Your classroom looks great!!

  8. OMG! Your room looks amazing! Just add some hot pink and I'll call it MINE! Thanks for posting all of the pictures.


  9. I Looooooove your penant flags! They are so adorable!