Monday, February 27, 2012

Where would you read?

Of course we are reading across America. I made this little document so the kids could write about their favorite place to read. ('this comes straight from Reading With Meaningg by Debbie Miller).I also will read The Quiet Place. It is one of my favorites for a mini lesson in to the power of text.

Read Across America">

I hope you enjoy if you find a reason to use this. Happy Reading!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pinning, Pirates, and Dr._____ (not House)

It seems as if permission to pin on Pinterest is a new way to say we are proud of our ideas. I'm not sure I'll have any great ideas since everyone is so talented...but in the event that I may just one day minute become an inspiration--you have my permission!

 I know you've heard of work stations/centers. It seems as if I have managed to create a multitude of work stations. My favorite--ah the trusty lap top that sits next to my recliner. I spend my blogging time on this one. But I also write my lesson plans and part of my creative work.
 Then...station 2 is the lamination station. (Oh a rhyme for Read Across America week!) I will sit there a lot today because my stack of laminating has grown. I even had to make a dash to Sams to  buy more!
And the printer and desk top desk. My--get right to it and get those required newsletters, etc. done! No blogging here. This means I am down to business.

 The ribbon is going to be used to decorate bookmarks for Dr. _____. I have heard that we can't actually say his name  in conjunction with Read Across America. Why???? may I ask. Isn't that exactly why we began this celebration on March 2? I am teaching the bossy R /ar/ this week. Last year--a whole year ago--Abby from The Inspired Apple posted her Pirate activity on TPT. And I bought it. And waited. And waited. Now that Treasures basal has reached the week of: Bossy R/ar/ I get to use the great activities. So. I am thinking pirate bandana for me with my dotted fabric.

My stack of laminating just waiting to be cut, assembled, packed up for school tomorrow. I wanted to do maps this week and to my delight--a brand new pirate themed map unit was posted...yesterday! The stars are shining in my direction. Check out the unit here from Abby and here from maps by One Extra Degree.. I'll be back later in the week to post some pictures of our Dr. _____ week and Pirates and ....whatever!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February musings...a little of this and a little of that

I am used to having a few snow days in February--especially after last year's 17 days off. This year...none in February. With March approaching our chances are getting a little less and less.

Last week we worked on adjectives and Valentine's Day and America. HMMM--wonder if the minds of first graders even absorbed any meaningful connections. Using pop rock candy kept us busy during our grammar portion of the morning.

We had a special lunch and a party for the 14th.
We took a side step from the pop rock candy to do a little writing on just why our carpet looked like an explosion after the Valentine party. (it was educational after all--I was linking to writing with similes. As in opposition to smiles when I looked at the room/carpet/chairs/desks. How could we totally not keep one little crumb on our plates? And if you notice--we do have carpet!)

Back to America. My student teacher is teaching most of the day now. He is doing a great job of keeping the excitement of past presidents alive. Definitely alive from these kiddos!
This week on to problem and solution in our reading strategy/skill block. I love Frog and Toad stories. We had one in our old basal and one in our new one so I will use those plus as many of the books as I can grab to let the kids model their understanding of problem/solution. I may make a l.o.n.g scroll of one of the stories and have the kids color code the introduction of the characters, setting, problem, and solution. I do want to have the kids work with a partner and one write/illustrate the problem and their partner write/illustrate the solution. My mind is working toward this idea...
I've been inspired by some great anchor charts on Pinterest--you need to check out Jennifer Jones. She has pic after pic of great charts. This is one I plan on using with the various Frog and Toad stories.

Pinterest inspired foldable--just perfect!

Well, enough rambling, musing, wandering... Happy President's Day if you are off tomorrow.