Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog Template Give Away

Who will be lucky to win a free blog template?
Teacher Ladybug is having a contest now. Check out this link for information.

Clutter Free Classroom

Great news! I just found a new blog and this will help me control the clutter. Having a contest give-away. Take a look yourself.

One new clutter helper that I used this year was to color coordinate my daily folders that I contained each day's activities. Using some sturdy dividers that I bought several years ago from Really Good Stuff (on close-out), I placed graphics on the folders for the subject areas. 

I placed them in a crate and placed six crates on my teacher desk. Now I cannot pile anything on my desk because it is only for filing.

 I really think I am the queen of plastic storage devices. I may have to develop a BA (baskets anonymous!)

Linky Party Word Wall

Looking at everyone's word walls gave me a chance to really look at mine. With the latest linking party I have used this technique for a while. (Our district encourages requires that our wall are shown across the alphabet. The only space I could utilize in this way was to use the space above the white board. I do know that it is visible to the kids but not accessible. I have personal word books that the children keep in their desk and we add the words to their book each week-- (those that we are focusing on).This is how my word wall looked before I took it down for testing:
You will have to use your imagination since this is the best picture I can find! I had used a large font on the computer (200) and printed the words, laminated, and hung. The blue ones are the kids' names.

I had to either cover the word wall or take it down during testing so I just chose to take it down rather than have any more clutter covering up any little letter, word, or number in the classroom. (I never remember this process when I was in elementary school.)

I decided to change it a bit. I found colored index cards at Dollar Tree and bought three packages. I took the Dolch words, no-excuse words that my first graders were responsible for and printed them--in my own handwriting. I used a separate color for letter identification and think it does make the words more visible.  
 I did try to utilize the word wall more during the last month of school. We looked for vowel sounds--long and short, etc. Next year I will take down some of those and start with a few that the kids' had in kindergarten.

How do you use your word wall?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday Find

I was browsing my favorite blogs and came upon a great, wonderful, fantastic,very good find!

 Teaching Blog Addict has organized blogs by....GRADE LEVEL!  Yes I am shouting. It is a time saving and fun way to share and gain ideas. Hope you enjoy. Just follow this link to spend your summer time freely!

Blog giveaway

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let's begin with ...Kindergarten!!!!

I am preparing to teach summer school to upcoming Kindergarten kids. It is always amazing to see how much they grow and mature from beginning K to beginning 1st. Since I am a first grade teacher NOW I am more familiar with kids that have had a year of public school. 

I've been scrambling and viewing lots of blogs today in hopes of getting some great new ideas to use this summer. We usually do an Eric Carle unit and integrate activities with his books.  

Mrs. Jump has a tremendous insect unit:   Click on the photo to go to her blog and see for yourself.
 That is a great possibility!!!!

And while we are doing Eric Carle books we can integrate ocean life also. Again...Mrs. Jump has just posted an ocean unit.  

Click to view the link to this great unit.

I am thinking that I can envision fun this summer!