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Friday, May 6, 2011


Teacher? I am feeling frustrated! It isn't because there are ten days of school left. It IS because there are ten days of school left. Can I find the time to actually TEACH? 

I have so many records to complete. I have paperwork. I have testing, and more testing, and yet more testing to administer. We JUST finished achievement testing for these little guys. Now I am going to yet test them on their reading levels, their AR goals, their benchmarks in reading and in math. I still need to test the no-excuse spelling words. 

But what I really envision is calling the kids to our floor, picking up a book and sharing the wonders of books. Let the kids talk. Let the kids ask questions, and make inferences, share their connections, and turn to share their thoughts with their partners. Do I dare put aside those requirements to be a teacher!

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