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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Another school year has come and gone. Reflecting upon how I feel as my production as a teacher does not leave me feeling satisfied. As I sit on the screened in porch and watch momma bird feeding her babies and "fussing" at me for even being here makes me think of me--the momma bird trying to "feed" curriculum standards to my babies. The constant fussing reminds me of how I am talking to myself right now.

 Empty feelings abound that I didn't achieve all I had anticipated. Yes, I worked hard on making the learning environment perfect. I worked leveling books and organizing the classroom library. But it was the actual workday that I never could get a hold on. It looked fine on paper. The schedule was a good one in regards to specials and Title pull out times. Specials were all at the same time every day so that was a positive. But no matter what I tried to plan ...writing workshop never seemed to get it's due time. I planned for it every week only to see that I could have had the same plan week after week. Next year that will have to be a priority!

Character building: whew!!!! These kids were needy. They needed to talk, share their daily lives. I sometimes felt that no one listened to them ever outside of the school setting. It wasn't that they were bad to each other. It was that they demanded their special one on one time with me and it didn't matter that some other child was talking to me or needing me. Next year...I will definitely begin the year with an emphasis on not interrupting, waiting turns, etc.

And finally (guess three should be a limit today), reader's workshop can use a vast change. Title pull out was in the first hour of school. I could definitely use that time for small group instruction with the non-title kids (and I did!). But when the title kids returned to the classroom, I felt as if we were already a hour behind. Treasures encompasses so many strategies each week. Grammar, phonics, word work, comprehension, vocabulary, etc. I so want to teach using reading workshop and not be so glued to a basal text. Next year we are supposed to be able to test using a different avenue than the Treasures testing. So, maybe.....

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  1. you're doing an awesome job! I like your reflection but remember you are doing the best you can and sometimes its all too much. I feel you on a lot of the think you wrote about. Thank you for that. :)