Sunday, October 25, 2015

Classroom Tour

Oh--the trials and tribulations of classroom design! After all, we spend more time there than in our own homes for a great portion of the day, week, month,--you get it!
Trying to place things in an absolutely perfect location for both teacher, instructional assistants, students, is of a priority. And, we want to make sure it has a pleasing decor. Homelike. Comforting. Inspirational.
I recently retired but I just realized I never posted pictures of my classroom. It was my absolutely favorite. 

Wouldn't you know that the summer after I retired the carpet was replaced? Bye-bye orange/red in your face carpet!

However, I do love carpet when it comes to letting the kids be all over the place--especially reading with each other!

And reading to self! I snagged this area rug at Target in a large size. Love, love, love the gray touches!

When I decided on the colors I was dreaming of aqua colored pocket charts. Again--Target to the rescue. This was the way I worked with the work station rotations. We were required to work in small groups during the short time the Instructional Assistant was in the classroom. In order to move quickly and meet with everyone, I had my kids in four groups. She met with two groups and I met with two groups each day--so everyone had instruction.

Hobby Lobby has the best fabrics that are of a good "first grade use" quality. It was easy to cover the crates with chevron in my color choices.

This was an in-project pic of the "corner". Half of the word wall is displayed on one side of the SmartBoard projected whiteboard. (That is a do-it-yourself projector displayed on the whiteboard using a SmartSlate). 

I covered all the bulletin boards with fabric and they lasted several years. I made the banner out of printed triangles filled with a chevron pattern. After laminating them I hot glued them to ribbon. Easy!

The inside of my door was decorated with a chevron wreath. I got the burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby on the week they had 50% off ribbons.

This shows the corner with finished boards. I displayed our objectives to the left side of the Word Wall. I purchased the common core objects from TPT.
I was so glad to get rid of quit using the foam squares in the bright colors.
The blue and aqua baskets house parts of my classroom library: aqua is non-fiction, blue is famous authors.

The blue pocket charts served the purpose of hiding bookshelves crammed housing our old reading series books. They were good to use for reading to self. The yellow bins holds fiction books and were sorted by genres.

I purchased Ikea stools to use at my teaching table and used the crates at this table. My IA used this area for her small groups. She is the BEST ever!

We had four student computers and used those for several small group activities/station. Loved the long bulletin board over the back of the room. However--climbing on the computer tables to hang work was a bit challenging. It is a wonder I didn't fall/step on the keyboards.

When we started Daily 5 I used this area to show what it looks like and sounds like. I think I reminded those kids several times as we practiced, practiced, practiced!

I laminated aqua colored construction paper and hung it above our sink. I could showcase 18 of the kids' work. To the right of the board I added additional pages to use since I had 20 kids.

Wal-mart has these black bookcases for under $20. I covered the cardboard backs with more chevron fabric and used them at the end of the groups to make finding their book boxes easier.

All, in all, we have some great memories of Room 109!
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September!!!! Currently

I am so glad to welcome September! August has been a bummer (my mom passed away on August 2 and my husband has been sick most of the month).
I am linking up with Farley.
I am listening to the air conditioner run (thankful it is working though!). Our weather is still HOT for Tennessee. Today it was 90.  But that leads me to loving the summer weather! Can't believe it is September! 
I seem to be thinking of what I need to accomplish on my TO-
DO list. My mind jumps from one thought to another--mostly as soon as I wake in the MIDDLE of the night. YIKES. 
I think that I'll take care of the pedicure tomorrow. 
And my goals:
Positive thinking
It is a need to think positively when trying to say goodbye to my mom. She was 92 and lived by herself until she went in the hospital and died four days later. What a blessing to be independent for her. I am in the process of organizing her estate. When we settle the estate the house will be put on the market.
I am ready to make a few changes to my home. I am thinking I will become very close to a bucket of paint, a paintbrush, and a roller! With the dark days of winter coming I want to lighten up the wall colors. We will see!
I hope you join in the linky party with us. Remember to comment on the two above your post!
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Thursday, July 2, 2015


How can this be? Summer is here! 
I am linking up with the Oh, Boy, 4th Grade.

I am listening to Hoda and Kathie Lee. They just played one of my favorite songs--When I See You Again! We've Come a Long Way--that certainly pertains to my family in the last few years. I recently retired, my husband and son have gone into a business which has changed our lifestyle. Lots of changes. (Maybe I should also listen to Changes!)
Needless to say there isn't much need to talk about the season of Summer. It is the freedom of being outdoors, enjoying the wonders of nature, walks in the summer breezes, grilling out, eating outdoors, etc. It is an amazing time of the year here in Tennessee.
Since I have retired it seems my mind is always focusing on what I can do around the house. Those blogs I read and drool over other's homes and projects are getting me in trouble! 
I just returned from Vegas two weeks ago! Three weeks too early to be able to visit with so many teachers at the convention. We stayed at the Palazzo--the same area that many of my blog buddies will stroll through! If I wasn't retired it would make more sense!
I really do need a pedicure! My latest home project left me with teeny tiny polka dots on one of my toes. Now if they had splashed on as stars or stripes it might be right in with July 4. It's a rainy, rainy, stay in the house kind of day so maybe a pedi is on today's agenda.
And last--it's hard to share what I consider a STAR. That is a bit against my thoughts of bragging on myself. But I do feel that I have compassion for those who are going through troubles. My compassion leads to sadness. A family just said goodbye to their ten month old baby. Yes, compassion. Yes, sadness, Which leads to prayers. 
And to those who are going to Vegas--enjoy your time together. And to those who are feeling sadness or difficulties--know that others do feel compassion and remember you in our prayers!
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Before and After Home Office

Perfect time to share your home office along with this month's linky party. Lucky Little Learners and  co-host Ashley from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd are arranging this month's fun!

The Before:
My home office has been disguised as a big hot mess! But this summer I have been in a decluttering state of mind. The office was so bad that I usually did all my work either in the recliner or at the dining room table. 

My previous office was dark and dreary--not so good to encourage working of any kind. You can read all about my before office here.  

I have been searching and pinning lots of ideas for a transformation from black to white furniture. It started innocently when I tried to paint my black bookcase in the manner I usually do either with chalk paint or by using Kilz primer and then paint. However--the Kilz would not go on! It looked like a snake skin. My dear husband just said "why don't you just buy a white one"? OK!

I began looking on Target's website and the ones I wanted were not available in the stores and were sold out on-line. I impatiently checked several times a day until they were available. If you know about the Target Redcard it includes free shipping. I dreaded waiting when I saw that one of the bookcases would be coming from California to Tennessee. I figured weeks! Not so--that bookcase made it across the country in three days!  Three days.

And the After:

So this is what I have accomplished so far. It has been just since this weekend I moved the furniture in and I haven't decorated yet. But I am enjoying the uncluttered view!
This is the desk that went from black to white! I put away my desktop computer and will use the Apple Macbook instead=less clutter. The printer is on the little table beside the desk. It is wireless so that eliminated bunches of wires from the desktop, monitor, speakers, etc. Ah!!!

The curtains are a navy blue and the chevron rug is navy and an off white. The rug is from Target and is actually an outdoor rug.
I know--it is bare! I will decorate later. I keep my laminator in the closet and just bring it out when I use it.
I am loving this tall 5 shelf bookcase. Do you see the extra room? I haven't put any of my books on it yet. 

I really like this long bookcase. My DH loves planes and wishes he was a pilot. (I am not showing you his side of the office --I still have to work on it!)
I love this metal container/basket I found at HomeGoods. It is large enough to slide my IPad in the back section.
Now...on to my home office!
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

February???? Currently

January flew by! How could it be February already?

I am listening to Fixer Upper on HGTV. I love the designs but mostly I like the relationship between Chip and Joanna and their kids!

Relaxing in my PJ's doesn't need any explanation. Just do it.

The master bedroom--oh my. You know how you find what you think you need and then when you put it together--it isn't at all even a little bit OK? I searched for some curtains similar to ones I have in the living room and finally found some at TJMaxx. Which led to needing a new bed set. I went with a solid gray and it is absolutely boring!

I want more Parenthood. The Bravermans. The Thursday night 10 p.m. fix. I can't believe it is actually over. Sadsville!

I REALLY need to get motivated to walk daily. Maybe this week.  :)

A Worrier--yes that is me! It isn't that I am searching for somethings to worry about--they are just hitting me in the face. My mother and my mother-in-law are both needing some help. Oh, aging is tough!

But I am happy that February is here! I am thinking in shades of red instead of winter white!

Now you can link up with Farley also to share your thoughts this February morning.

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