Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sweet Treats

February = another chance for sweets (think chocolate candy!). It just works out fine for  my word study this week (ea, ee).

  • I try to have something  for my Word Work station that is a little "special". I made this little activity to give the kids a chance to think --figure out what some of the pictures really are. Therefore I hope they will actually work as a group. After they match the pictures to the words the recording sheet makes them accountable. Well, it probably makes the high fliers more accountable and the others better copiers!

I hope you will leave me a little sweet note that this is beneficial!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Daily 5 rotations

without a SmartBoard. I am wanting a quick way to get the kids from one activity to another. In the ever--teachers can do this mode--I just made a powerpoint that I can display on the board. Using the projector it will be an easy and space saving plan.

We are evaluated on our small groups and I am still struggling with managing this with my current class.  Let's just say that this class needs my structures instead of being able to choose for themselves. Maybe after Christmas I can give them the freedoms I would envision them having! But for my sanity as well as their successes we will go with this!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A "hard" week

This post is different. No pictures of fun activities in the classroom. Just a picture inside my heart and soul if you will.

The week has been a time of reflection. Where to begin in this week was a feeling that things were going to be difficult for some of my friends. There wasn't anything tangible but just a feeling. You know--" that something is going to happen cloud. "


The accepting what is has been the road I am traveling. A road of having my best friend and co-teacher have to take a sudden retirement. She is giving up the classroom to take care of a family member. But --no--this was to be our last year. We were going to retire TOGETHER at the end of this year. My heart aches for her difficulties. My heart aches for her students who will not see her when we come back from our fall break. My heart aches for ME. She has been my support system.This leads to the second part of the poem above--having to let go of what was.

Then I am a follower of Abby's Inspired Apple. She has shared her journey of adopting a baby boy. But that cloud--it seemed there in the back of my mind. She posted a couple of pictures on Instagram at the end of last week and I just didn't see her beaming smile in quite the same way. Then came the news--the birth mother decided to parent the baby. You can read about it here. Oh, my heart aches for her and her family. Yes, accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. Her post tells of her emptiness and her struggle with accepting, letting go, but they have such tremendous faith!

Today was a bit different. God works in mysterious ways. I was on my way home from helping the new teacher with the setting up of her "new" classroom and just felt the need to not go home yet. I drove to a Dollar Tree--in the next city. Why? Just felt like it. While there a customer was struggling to pay for her purchases. She tried her card. The cashier was trying to help. Customers were moved to a new line. The cashier even helped the customer call to have the card activated. Her friend was trying to help. Other cards were tried.  Why was this happening? Why was I witnessing her struggles, her embarrassment? I took it as a sign. I checked out. I walked over and asked to take care of her bill. You know--pay it forward. I say this not to "brag" on myself. But I say it as a sign--faith. Faith. Faith in what will be.