Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Currently

I am linking up with Farley's September "Currently". It's been a long while since I did!!!

Is it really September? It is definitely hot. And so the air conditioner is a "nice" sound to listen to.

Yesterday was Labor Day and I did no labor! Enough said.

My last uncle passed away on Saturday. He was getting ready to watch the Tennessee Vols play and suffered a major heart attack. My aunt had passed away ten years ago so he was ready to see her again. 

I am enjoying reading on my Ipad. Can't get enough of reading! But I am always searching for the next book to add.

Tomorrow I will take care of the mani and pedi. It's been four long weeks and my hands and feet are embarrassing!

I am going to Vegas "baby" in a week. I've never been to NYC and am really wanting to make that trip. Anywhere with a beach, blue water, and sand is always great also!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

S Blends==at the beginning

Decoding short vowel words is a MUST for successful reading. When kids enter first grade they are expected to know all their consonants and vowels and be ready to move ahead.
Well, that is an expectation but not a realization.
I've made another set of beginning blends in order to give them practice.
       We also use this from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits to practice with different phonetic blends, word families. They are so easy to make as long as I have some sticks and sharpies--my kind of management.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Beginning R Blends--Word Work

Benchmark Unit 2: beginning R blends with short vowel words. A little tough when you might be missing your two front teeth! 
I want the kids to become independent during Daily 5. 
A little something for daily practice.
Feel free to use!
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beginning with Blends???

Our district uses Benchmark Universe as our non-basal ELA series. It is definitely a different type reading and language arts program. First grade BEGINS with blends! In order to use large group, small group, and word work Daily 5 rotations, I began developing materials mid-year. Now I am going back to the beginning--use those blends.

You are welcome to use if you wish!
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Friday, August 1, 2014

August Currently

I am linking up with Farley's August...

I am listening to HGTV. Needless to say sometimes it makes me feel better and sometimes ready to throw up my hands and say "I forget this!".

Who doesn't love the lazy days of summer--sleeping until I decide to awaken! Sitting on the screened in porch! Listening to the birds chirp!
I am thinking about our trip to Vegas next month. I guess I better save my $$$! But wanting to go back to the beach too! I would love to live close enough to go to the beach any day of the year!

I need to get up and water the flowers so that they will survive!

And I just retired so I am feeling a bit lost! No room to set up. No drive by to Target dollar spots. No searching for baskets, tax free buys...

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