Friday, June 29, 2012

Rules and Behavior Freebies

Shoes and Socks. Peanut butter and Jelly.
Rules and Behavior. They go together!

Last year I made these posters to teach and reinforce the classroom rules. I displayed them on my metal cabinet doors that I had recovered with outdoor fabric. I hot glued it to the cabinet and added border.

Here is the copy if you are interested.

Class Rules 2012

This year I took an inspiration from Erin over at Eberhart's Explorers. I have this polka dot theme so I had to play around with color in order to get Powerpoint slides of the correct colors.

I have these on the next cabinet but these are covered with Target $1 pocket charts so hopefully it will be easily accessible.

Behavior Color Charts Dotted

I am going to use the Behavior chart she shared also. I hot glued the different slides to a ribbon, (It was cheaper to buy ribbon by the yard than a roll of the same length.

After laminating

Erin's Behavior Log

Ribbon--two yards=$1

So I am ready!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Powerpoint Help needed!

I am so confused. How do I insert a neat graphic frame into a powerpoint background and keep the frame white?

For example in the graphic slide above the background is pretty and the frame has a white background. When I insert the graphic it is also the color of the background.

GRRRR. I'm accepting help! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Easy Banner

Triangle shapes on a ribbon=banner. Inspired from Abby last summer I found fabric and made banners for my bulletin boards. I've loved them.

 But I wanted some that had letters on them in order to spell words. Easy as pie by inserting triangle shapes into powerpoint and adding the design, Then by inserting another shape and text box=triangles with letters. All that was needed was to laminate and cut out. I used hot glue to attach to the ribbon,

This one is hanging in the hall and says Work Spot.

I have another one that is on the Math area that says--well, it says Math! (I can't seem to find a picture of it right now),

Here is a sample: (for some reason the fonts don't look like the ones I used according to size or font. But you can use any background you wish to make the banner fit your classroom.

Polka Dot Banner

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Colors Galore!

I've been organizing, tossing, changing! A chance to stay after summer school and clean without the rush to go home has been nice. Summer school hours are great!!!! It's been relaxing to just spend minutes getting things set for next year.

This is my newly designed storage for the kids' book baskets for independent reading. Most recently it was a storage unit for old math manipulatives I haven't used in a while. I donated them to a new Kindergarten teacher--well placed in her room for her to decide if she wants them. The numbered trays 1-4 will house my math work stations.

And the beginning of my new non-fiction section of the classroom library. I did have this bookcase set perpendicular to the wall which used up valuable floor space. I moved it back (toward the air conditioner/heating unit). It has to sit a few inches out from the unit in order to not cover the vents. I hot glued a small bulletin board--really a foam board from Dollar Tree covered with fabric and border. I can place information about our unit of study on that and have an area for book display also. The baskets are sorted by themes. 

The twin bookcase to the previous mentioned one has been moved below the bulletin board pictured above. I didn't take a pic of it. It houses my fiction "leftover" books that I don't have enough for a basket by theme or author. I'm going to place my literacy station choices on top of that bookcase.

Now, I do feel that I have accomplished something this week.

Tomorrow--I never know what I'll change or organize until I take a glance around the room.

What are you organizing?  Share your thoughts with a link to your blog!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Busy times!

My! I may have to go back to regular school to get some rest!

My son is also a public school teacher. He recently relocated back "home". Since he had leased his house he stayed with us for a year. This is my garage:
Well, this was my garage a week ago. Now he has moved back into his house. So...I've been busy. 

I painted the bedroom --now the guest room--hung curtains and added new bedding.

So not much was "school related" last week. I am teaching summer school and did manage to clean and toss some un-used files. I am getting all the materials I have made via TPT and blog world freebies organized into the filing cabinet that used to house the "un-used and kept for maybe someday I'll need that" stuff!

I didn't take any pictures but maybe tomorrow. Eleven--yes--11--more summer school days!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Made It

4th Grade Frolics is hosting a linky party. You can find about it here.
Monday Made It
Our Monday has rolled around! And I am ready to share my school and home accomplishments!

I used a freebie that you can find here to make my Writer's Eye rubric. With our state evaluation system, it is important to always have a rubric. I had one similar to this last year but this "coordinates" with my polka dot theme. Since I am teaching summer school I have time to work in my room.

I use a big pocket chart to display it and it serves two purposes--hides my upper bookcases that I store textbooks on.


I painted the floor of my deck and screened in porch. I did some rearranging and just general cleaning also. You can read more about it on my "other" blog:

If you like to look at home renovations and decorating check out this linky party: Kelly's Korner

If you scroll down she is posting a room by room party!

Until next Monday--and I will have to be more creative on my own this time.