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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Powerpoint Help needed!

I am so confused. How do I insert a neat graphic frame into a powerpoint background and keep the frame white?

For example in the graphic slide above the background is pretty and the frame has a white background. When I insert the graphic it is also the color of the background.

GRRRR. I'm accepting help! 


  1. Try clicking on the graphic so that it is selected (there will be dots are all around it) and there should be a button that says "Shape Fill" on the home tab of your toolbar, then fill it in white. I had that same exact problem earlier & that fixed it. Hope it helps!
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  2. My best guess is the frame you are using does not have a white center. If not, you cannot add it. You have to purchase frames that have the white center. Here's a link to one of my favorites: These have the white center. Good luck!

    ΡΌ Lori
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  3. As mentioned above, if the shape fill doesn't work (the borders aren't recognized) then you probably can't do it. It's easier to remove background than add it! Can you make it work in another program like Publisher (if you're on a PC)? If so, you can set up the entire page for the frame, group all objects together and save the entire page as a png. graphic. Then just add it to PPT as a picture.

    Good luck,

  4. Jeanne! Thanks for stopping by! Lord no, I'm NO where close to being done. The only reason I showed my library center is because that's the only section of my room that looks half way decent. The rest is a DISASTER! The cleaning people literally waxed and threw everything back in my room. Ha, it's awful! But, I did manage to put my library back together. LOL Notice, I didn't include any other pics in my post! I will though, soon. I'm trying to take a bit at a time. I hope summer school is shaping up. You'll certainly have to come visit. My room looks so different now with a coat of paint. Let's meet up and brainstorm sometime! Talk to you soon!
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    P.S. Did you figure out the Power Point stuff!?

  5. Jeanne, when I played with this, I clicked on the border; then I selected "shape fill" and selected the color that I wanted the center to be (ex. white.) It was a "png" file: I haven't tried it with other formats, though. Try using or a similar paint program and saving your border in a png file format and see if that will work. is a free program that you can download; however, I bet any pain program will work? I hope this helps! Lisa

  6. Apparently I needed graphics that had a fillable/white center. I purchased some and it worked fine!

    Learning as I go. But thanks everyone!