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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Rainforest/Non-Fiction study

Day 1
I am tying in our non-fiction study with the rainforest. Our unit in Treasures is on wild animals. I will take two weeks to delve into the study of non-fiction text features so that the kids can research and write their own non-fiction reports.

I began by putting the bulletin board up in front of the kids so they would notice the many features. Since it was our library day, each child took a closer look at the bulletin board with the rainforest animals that were pictured so that they could make a list of animals they might want to research.
Day 2

We charted their findings of non-fiction in books they had in their book baskets and in the classroom library.
Since I wanted the children to help me plan what we would learn they then wrote questions that they would like to find answers to during our study.

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