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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where it all goes down Wednesday

The link to our Teacher Week: My home away from home that I actually spend more time in than ...well.  home! The hours I spend deciding the perfect arrangement for functionality as well as a "fix for my decorating diva" self.

Surrounding our classroom are books galore. The top picture is my fiction library and the bottom one my non-fiction. (before I hung the animal group posters)

My computers that I almost tossed out the window today because they weren't cooperating with required DEA testing!!!
Storage benches that my husband so kindly built. These are placed between desks to house their book baskets.

I am constantly rearranging desks! I am currently using three groups instead of four. Since the addition of a projector and SMARTboard slate I moved the mat in front of the board and the desks surround it.

My two latest "loves" are the SMARTboard/projector and my small group table that was a Donor's Choose funded project! AHHHHH!

Word walls, daily 5 choices, CAFE board--lots of inspirations from blogging and ProTeacher!
All in a day...

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