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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A bargain is a bargain!

If only I simple this was...I would have done it before!

Chair pockets. Yes. Chair pockets.

Inexpensive. So proud!

I've made them before. The first ones I made were not simple. I would use one fabric on the pocket and a different fabric on the part that slips over the seat back. That means more cutting, more thinking, more sewing. AND...I would also put elastic in the pocket to make it expandable. That was when I taught K kids and would use the pocket for their supply boxes.

But with desks storage in first grade the expandable part wasn't as important so I would leave off the elastic. Still was using two fabrics--color coded groups, etc. (Did I also say that I am OCD when it comes to matchey, matchey?) Then I moved on to one fabric--this time it was denim. Great fabric that fades and has one lighter side. HMMM I lived with it and then used the old dye them to make them fresher looking.

But walking searching through Wallie world in the little left fabric section for fabric to cover my bulletin boards (did I say OCD matchey, matchey--for the perfect royal blue) I spied outdoor fabric. Now this fabric is like heavy duty AND lamination all rolled into one fabric. Sounds like a teacher's dream, huh? It can be wiped off! And maybe the little lice critters will just bounce off  if any happen to enter the room--oh, I hope not! OK. the fabric was only $3.97 a yard and it was wide--60 inches baby. So that means for one yard I could make four chair pockets. If you figure it out--$1 per chair. And what does Really Good Stuff sell theirs for? It only took several trips to surrounding WalMarts to find enough fabric in the before mentioned royal blue color. But the fabric had changed in price to $4.97 but still $1.50 per chair is OK! (If only my sewing machine would have cooperated it would have been a little easier on my holiday weekend.)

Wrong side showing the seam and the two side seams!

It only took a little effort to fold over the ends and run a seam. Then two quick folds and a seam down each side and...

This is the part that slides over the chair.

This is the "pocket" which has the laminated, vinyl ly side.

I hope this is my last set of chair pockets since I am going to retire in five years!

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