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Friday, June 28, 2013



Maybe not too surprised--yet still puts a damper on my summer break.

I didn't teach this summer. I treated myself to days of doing whatever I wished. Sleeping. Naps. Drinking coffee on the porch. Shopping.

But then...the unexpected. Facing two surgeries which may keep me from lazying around and working on school stuff (as in decorations and decor) when I want. Just returned from a trip to Florida and having three days to finish a lot of work in the classroom.

Day 1 of the three day push: Redid the background on the bulletin boards for the word wall. I do like it much better!

I changed the border to chevron. I had ordered it and it came in while I was on vacation so worked on the boards at the front of the room.

Day 2 of the three day push: Worked on the back and side bulletin boards. I also changed my work station areas.

Day 3 of the push (today by the way...) was tossing junk, organizing and finishing up replacing all the polka dots with chevron.

How about that lamp shade? I covered the polka dot shade with some leftover fabric and lots of hot glue gun and clothes pins. It looks really nice...until I actually turn the lamp on and the polka dots show through. (Oh Well....)

I still have to find a classroom rug for the meeting area. I figured that when the back to school College decor arrives I should be able to find one fairly cheaply. (I will make a cushion for the rocker too!)

The beginning of my science area. I did sort through my school supply stash to see what I have and what I need to purchase. We (district rules cop) doesn't allow us to ask parents for school supplies so it is important that I stalk the back to school sales. Since this MAY be my last year as a teacher I don't want to purchases too much.

The beginning of my math area. I put labels on the math tubs and changed the border. I have my math books in a tub in the area. 

These are those ugly metal cabinets. You just might think they are ugly metal cabinets but actually they are my walk in storage closet. You know the huge room to store items. Nada. They are two metal cabinets. On the left one I hot glued outdoor fabric and hot glued border. The one on the right has several of the $1 pocket charts from Target. Guess how I attached them? SHHH--with hot glue! Since the charts were a little too narrow I cut one border piece and glued it down the middle so the doors will open.

Tomorrow I am going to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and getting hot glue.

My word work area is somewhat organized. I need to run off the recording sheets. I will introduce one station activity at a time.

And to finish off my three day classroom FUN I put on the chair covers I had made and straightened the classroom library. The yellow bins are fiction. The royal blue baskets hold chapter books and author study groups. The aqua ones are non-fiction. 

I can now take two weeks of surgery, doctor appointments, and staying at home to recoup. Yikes, we go back on August 1 and I have three days of common core training before that. Where did summer go?

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