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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Monday Making It--Week 1

It's summer and it's time for Monday Made It!

I am make things for next year.  I've been thinking and dreaming and trying to decide.

So far I know I am going Chevron! Joining thousands of others in this love I know isn't very authentic. But I heart the look. Several trips to Hobby Lobby (you know 40% off one cut of fabric and one each day) have given me a great start.

I "think" I am going with these four colors as the pocket portion of chair covers I will make. The aqua solid will be the background for my word wall. Is that not the cutest ribbon? Hobby Lobby has it in several colors but they are more of the bright shades.

I will get a dark navy blue or black for the main portion of the chair covers. Some Wal-Marts still carry fabric so I am hoping I can pick that up there. It is $10 a yard at Hobby Lobby so it is possible there also.

I have a banner over the top of some of my bulletin boards.
This is a view from last year. These were fabric pieces with polka dots. I made some on the printer and laminated them. 

They haven't been cut out yet but I'm thinking this will be my pattern. I am adding the darker blue to go with my bulletin board fabric. Since the boards are already covered I really don't want to spend any $$$ on that!

This next week hopefully I will sew the chair covers and get the banners put together! And I need to visit the school supply store and think about bulletin board borders. I really want to take down the green polka dots!

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