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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Next Year I Will...

I am joining the linky party by Kim over at Joy in 6th. 
I am making plans for next year--on this the second day of my summer break. I'm on my way to Hobby Lobby--to browse in a s l o w manner because it is Tuesday! I don't have lesson plans to do or laundry piled up. is Tuesday and there is no school for NINE weeks!

What I am thinking....
This choice was probably made for me since we are now using Benchmark Literacy as our ELA curriculum. There is NO basal in this program. I hope that I can adjust... We actually have staff development this week in order to receive some of the teacher manuals and toolkits.

With the change in a basal toss it will challenge me to work more with small groups and working with kids on their needs. I've used a Booky4First plan for Daily 5. I have a hard time with turning some of the choices loose--so this will probably be as big a challenge as learning to use a total balanced literacy approach.

I am on my Chevron hunt today. The colors I will use as the accent are the issue I face. Should I just toss the chair covers totally? Should I use a beige as the background for my word wall or use something a little brighter? After all, I spend more waking hours at school than home during the school year. I think it needs to be pleasing!

I have made so many beautiful, laminated work stations that somehow don't get used. This will need to change! All the $$$ I spend on TPT, copy paper, ink, and laminating film needs to actually be used!

 Kind of follows along with the previous one doesn't it? I really need to work with kids on their levels. Last year I began using Math journals and this could be the Math writing station.

This is the New Year's Resolutions for teachers! Can't wait to read your thoughts too!

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