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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Me VS Windows 8

I spent hours HOURS last weekend making my end of the year slideshow. I always use Movie Maker and add tons of memories with pictures. After adding my music it becomes a lasting memory for the kids, their families, but in reality I think it is actually for ME.  

I see the kids as a group. Families see their child! I want it to be perfect so of course there is a lot of moving pictures around, getting the music at just the right point to begin and end.

That wasn't the issue. I was ready to burn a copy on DVD. But...Windows 8 did not contain an option for that on the Movie Maker version. Yes, you could save a copy. But not the finished beautiful tear jerky DVD I craved.


I started O V E R on my old computer workstation. I had to download all my pictures again from both cameras, move my music, etc. 

I am burning a copy now. I only hope it works.

I am regretting the new laptop.

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