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Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Made It--Week 2

I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics Monday Made It.

Last week I showed you my chevron fabric choices. This week I will show you...that I made 24 chair covers! It was nice wonderful  awesome fantastic to know that I didn't have to try to sew chair covers in one weekend. Can I get an amen for having summer break?

From this:

To this:

I actually had not liked the green chevron but when the covers were completed they have grown on me. I made six of each color so I can have teams set for a color or just randomly spread them throughout! 

They were easy to make--the easiest I have ever attempted. Partly the ease was the chevron was one sided so I didn't make mistakes on which was the "good side". Another part was the fact that the solid navy blue fabric allowed me to use the two "finished edges" on 2/3 of the project. 

Step 1: Cut the chevron for the pockets. And the solid navy for the chair size.

Step 2: Sew one end of the chevron to the solid. (Good side down). Make a 1 inch (I just used my eye measurement for this part) hem on the top edge of the chevron. 

Step 3: (the tricky--keep focused step!) Fold the solid fabric toward the finished side of the chevron. Fold the finished side of the chevron over the solid--meaning the solid fold is inside. Sew both side seams. The top of the chevron should match to the fold of the solid. 
 The solid fold is hidden inside!
 Sew the side seams.

Step 4: YOU ARE Finished!!! Can I say another "AMEN"
All you do is unfold the cover, cut your threads, and iron.

The pocket portion.

The solid portion that slips over the chair back.

I probably spent 4 hours total--including cutting the fabric, replacing the broken needle on the sewing machine, threading that tiny needle numerous times it seemed, and sewing! 

This week's projects are to decide on my valances for my two tiny windows and make the pillows. 

At home: I did water my flowers on my screened in porch, SIT on my screened in porch, and relax!

Have a great summertime week!

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