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Saturday, June 15, 2013

AR Clip Chart--Chevron Style

Our district requires that each first grader can read 25 books independently. Since these have to be recorded I use AR tests (80%-100% mastery) as a way to keep track of the requirement. But the parents and kids get really confused about points and books since most of the AR books are .5 points. 

I made this clip chart to use so the kids will see where they are.

Last year I used stickers to record and it was a struggle just to get some kids to the 25 book goal. Some just quit when they reached the 25 books. Not what I really want the kids to do. I really, really, really am not sold on AR but since our school is "into it" I go along. I would rather the kids read for enjoyment and information. Hopefully this will encourage the kids to keep reading!

This is last years clip chart for behavior which I never used so I will replace it with AR and reward each step with a small token of some kind.

We are tossing a basal in our district and using a balanced literacy approach--based on reading and writing workshop. We are using the Benchmark Literacy adoption. 

Happy Reading!

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