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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Assigning Book Nooks

Reading is such a big part of first grade. I use the reading workshop approach so independent reading is used every day. I was inspired by a Pro-teacher blog: Once Upon a Reading Workshop. Andrea provided wonderful resources for lots of teachers. She had her kids in the gprreatest reading "nooks" in the classroom and I began using that idea several years ago. In order to have some routine for moving quickly to a reading spot I placed these labels around the classroom. Each week I rotate where the kids will go. I had made the large labels that go around the room. I thought I would need to make similar ones that were much smaller that I place in one of the dollar Target pocket charts. By placing the small cards in a vertical row I can put the partner names next to the book nook number. Each Monday I move the book nook cards down one row so that the partners will move to a different nook.

 I found out that it is easy to print them smaller by adjusting the print features. I printed the slides four to a page which made them exactly the correct size.

I like to find easy help, don't you?

You are welcome to use these if you wish. I'd love a comment on what tricks you have found that help in Powerpoint documents!

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