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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Target Find

When July 4th rolls around passes by we know that it is back to school time in my district. Three weeks from tomorrow our staff development begins. That gives me 21 days to search for all the back to school sales, dollar spot items, latest classroom needs=fun times.

I saw on someone's blog last night a picture of the newest pocket charts at Target. Could it be? Really? The aqua color I really hoped for? Yes! I went to two different Targets today. The first one is further away but a much bigger store with an actual organized Dollar Spot. They had two! A little disappointed because the other Target has the tiniest Dollar Spot and I really didn't hold out much hope. But since it is in the area of my school I decided to give it a try. They had several so I snatched up six more.

This year the colors I found were aqua (you knew that already didn't you?????), yellow, and red. I got a yellow one for no reason whatsover. 

Since I'm using the chevron colors I changed my focus Reading wall with the exact color I so craved.

I did  a little work in the room today--adding the banner for the focus wall, and putting a border around my door with a welcome banner, and arranging the student desks. 

My latest dilemma is driving. me. crazy! I cannot figure out where to place my chart stand so it doesn't hide the word wall or reading focus wall. I've tried to open up the classroom to allow more freedom of movement for reading and work stations. I hope it comes together--in the next 21 days!

Tomorrow is another day. So maybe I'll go shopping again!

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