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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Michaels Ideas

I've been getting some great inspirations from Michael's instagram. It's nice not to have to be creative--in the sense of thinking up ideas. I'm a good copier!

I went to Michaels and picked up a pack of cork tiles (4 for $10.00) but used my 40% coupon plus the teacher discount. They had acrylic paint for half price so it was only 39 cents a bottle. I had sponge brushes and painters tape.

First step was to paint all the cork an almond color.

Then came the measuring part since I wanted them in four different colors of chevron. I googled "how to paint chevron" and came up with easy enough directions. It was a matter of drawing lines and making rectangle boxes. Then adding the tape from corner to corner on a diagonal. Lots of taping but not a difficult chore. (If I can figure it out I KNOW you can also!)

Then it was a quick process of adding the colors. 

As soon as I finished painting I removed the tape and let it dry. I touched up the almond color to hide the lines I had drawn.

I dropped by school and hot glued those babies to the wall. (Do you love hot glue also?)

Finished and hung!

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