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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year--the organized way!

"Happy New Year! Twelve months. Twelfth year. Time to get it on!

Step 1:

I joined this challenge. Anything will help--right?

Step 2: Write it down. Make lists. Check the tasks off as they are completed! I currently am just using one of those 15cents spiral notebooks that I have a million of for school kids. But check out this great giveaway:

Step 3: The Clutter Free Classroom--if I am going to organize my home then my second/first home needs to be just as organized. I am getting close to retirement so cleaning, tossing, giving away will be a part of the process.

Help Needed!!! How do I make the links without showing the http address? I want it to link by clicking on the image. I can do this with my school website so easily but Blogger is a bugger for me????

Now get out of the my laptop...and get some laundry done!

Happy New Year!

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