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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Treasures workbooks/SMARTboard

Abby over at the Inspired Apple posted some great ideas using the Treasures reading curriculum. I was reading all the wonderful compliments she always receives and was amazed that so many of us use that reading program. It dawned on me that with the "cram in so many skills each day/week" that using the workbook pages projected on the board we can quickly review skills without having to do pencil and workbook pages.

I use the grammar pages several times a week just as a whole group activity. We can find nouns, verbs, etc. I don't have an actual SMARTboard but have the SMARTslate so we just write directly on the whiteboard with dry erase markers. Works for me!!!

Anyhow--back to the reason for this post--the link is at the top. Just click on it and save it to your computer desktop!!!

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