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Monday, January 9, 2012


Inferring is one of my favorites to teach. Our Treasures unit is currently using this as somewhat of a skill.  If you have purhased Abby's unit on TPT this is "old school" for you.

 I wrote a couple of sentences on the board and had the kids write them and then infer what was happening. I showed them the chart AFTER they had written their inferences.

 Each clue was introduced as to what was in the "mystery box". (I just used a photo box from Michael's.)

After the kids heard all four clues they went to their book nooks to tell about what they inferred was in the box.

We came back to the meeting area and listed our choices. It was interesting that some focused only on one clue, others on two, and actually more on all four!

The mystery box with the object that was inside. (Did you know snow and globe also have the long o sound we are studying? PERfecto!)

On to more inferring tomorrow.


  1. I LOVE Abby's inferencing unit! I used it last year for my formal observation...and it was fabulous! The kiddos were totally engaged and my principal really liked the lesson.

  2. This is cute! Thanks for all the pictures. I'm your newest follower. I would love a visit if you have some time :)

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  3. Where can I find Abby's inferencing unit?