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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What? An award?

I am NOT used to winning any blogging awards. But for some reason I was thought of this time by Desiree over at Kinders on the Block.

Wow! I am amazed, humbled, over the moon get the picture. 

Blog Award Rules...
1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link back to them.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award on to 15 newly discovered blogs and let them know that they've received an award!
Thank you Desiree! 
Seven things about me:
  1. I live in Tennessee now but for a while lived in California. Definitely a different life from East to West!
  2. I have taught my entire teaching career in the same building. I began in Kindergarten but moved to First ten years ago. When I began teaching there was no curriculum, standards, etc. My how education has changed!!!
  3. I am married to the funniest guy. He is my best friend. We have done lots of DIY projects around our house and it is a totally different house than when we moved in. I am impatient. If I decide to do a project--look out!
  4. I have two living sons and one who is in heaven. One son was a police officer. One son is a nuclear guy! One son is an English teacher/coach.
  5. I have a new baby--a schnauzer who is the most comfort to be around.
  6. I love the beach. 
  7. I love books. I just got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I am finding out that it is the neatest thing!

Now to  pass this on to other "new" blogs may be difficult. I will attempt to steer some of the blogs away from teaching.
 One of the newest I found was Going Nutty. She is so funny! I love to be entertained and have a smile after reading her posts.
Southern Hospitality is an inspiration to me.  She went through some difficult times recently but has kept her chin up.
Mrs. Gilchrist's Class.  Definitely a new blog to me in the last week! Welcome to her among my long list of Blogs!
Gluesticks, Games and Giggles. Just the title says it all!
Mrs. Kincaid's First Grade.  Always am interested in first grade ones!
First Grade to the Core.  Love the apple/teaching/blog name!
In this Wonderful Life Get yourself some tissues and have a lot of time to read this blog.
Mandy's Tips for Teachers   Great looking blog and great ideas!!!

Hope you enjoy meeting some new blogging buddies too!

And...another award! Didn't even see this one from a couple of weeks ago!
  Dual Kinderteacher awarded me the Liebster Blog award (those of us who have under 200 followers)!!!
It amazes me when I look at some of the blogs that have thousands of followers--but then I understand why. They have such great ideas, fantastic blogging techniques, and lots of inspirations. Maybe someday ...
Thank you!!!


  1. Congratulations! I was wondering if you noticed my previous comment, I also awarded you a Liebster blog award
    Dual Kinder Teacher

  2. What a great site you have! I love it and I am your newest follower. Come check me out when you have time too!
    My Blog: ­ Kindergarten Lifestyle
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