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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tagged--got away--disappeared!

I've been tagged. So...first the rules:

YOU must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them!

12 Fun Facts about Me:
1. The name "Joe" is a recurring name in my life: first husband (deceased), present husband, father, father-in-law, brother==lots of Joe's.
2. Love Java Joe--coffee! Drink it all day long.
3. Once lived in California.
4. Had three sons--all with same initials.
5. Proud owner of a new "child"--my schnauzer. He is so precious--at least he's glad to see me when I come home.
6. I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was in fifth grade.
7. Love to read. Books are everywhere--at school and home.
8. Didn't think I would like a Nook or Kindle. But now have a Kindle Fire--love it--especially reading in bed because of the light in produces.
9. My husband is my best friend.
10. Love reading blogs and am envious of the "authors" and the ability to entertain so easily.
11. Am a perfectionist in some areas--especially the decor of the classroom and home.
12. Skipped my senior year in high school--why would I do that?????

Going Nutty's Questions:

1. When was the last time you talked to your high school sweetheart? Not a clue!
2. What is the most important quality in your lovey- dovey?He's fun to be around. He's my best friend!
3. Do you believe in love at first sight? Has it ever happened to you?Yes! It happened with us.
4. Where is the most romantic place you have gone for a date?The beach at a place called "top of the mast"
5. Does your sweetie support you in the blogging world? (The Mr thinks it's silly).He really doesn't know what all it entails. I don't share my addiction with him. He just wonders what I am doing on the computer so much.
6. If you could plan a getaway with your honey, where would you go?Either the top of a mountain or the beach looking at a beautiful sunset.
7. What is one word that best describes you both as a couple?The Odd Couple--he's loud and outgoing, I am quiet.
8. How long have you been with your honey-bunny?33 years!!!
9. What is the best present you have ever received for Valentine's Day?Special words in a card.
10. What is best present you have given to someone for Valentine's Day?My love.
11. Where was your first date?We went to a "war movie". He likes war movies. I don't. Makes you wonder why there was a second date.
12. Why don't you show ME some love and add me to your Blog Roll!?!?!?!? <3 Smooches!!I already follow!

Now, I am going to try to tag a few people.

A few questions of mine:
  1. What is your favorite TV show?
  2. Coffee or tea?
  3. Would you choose teaching as a career again?
  4. Morning or night owl?
  5. What is your favorite restaurant?
  6. What is your favorite vacation spot or dream?
  7. How many states have you been in?
  8. Craziest event at school?
  9. How long is your commute?
  10. What is the last book you read for pleasure?
  11. What are your hobbies?
   and number 12: Do you like to play games?


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