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Friday, December 30, 2011

How many ways???

How many ways have you arranged your student desks this year? I am not sure--but I probably would win a prize for the many trials I have tried! The reasoning--have the meeting area in front of the SMARTboard AND have the desks so the kids can see the SMARTboard also. If you like pictures--stay tuned. If you don't you might as well just click the little red X.

 This is August--before kids!  I was scheduled to have 21 students so decided to go with three groups of seven desks. I have these neat hide in the middle shelves to house their reading bookshelf baskets.

The groups worked fine--but seven kids seem to find more of ability to talk during "work time" than I like.

Three weeks later I have already made adjustments to four groups. Two groups of six and two groups of four. Still using the bookshelf holders. I've begun angling the desks toward the board.

September 9=one month after these babies entered Room 109. Now I have taken away those shelves and book baskets. Think kids who can't seem to leave items alone during teaching/.working/listening maybe to me.

October 6=still same arrangements but for some reason my OCD wanted the desks straight and not angled. (And no--the kids aren't bowing down to me, it's morning movement moments our school does!

November 9=ah the kids earned their book baskets back again! I'll bet we have matured! We can work nicely a little better.

Six.days.later.  Now we lost those baskets again but have four groups of five kids each. I remember--each child now is labeled a day of the week within the group. On Mondays--the Monday kids are the table captains, paper hander outers, desks cleaners, etc. (slaves).

Last day in December before our Christmas break. Two fours, two sixes and ...

The room awaits January 3rd with the sixteenth new arrangement. Four groups of five desks--but three facing the board and only two on the sides. Desks angled. Book baskets in close proximity. 
We.  will.   see.. . try... get it right!


  1. Your classroom is beautiful!! I haven't changed my seating at all this year because my room is small and I have big kids to fit in it, so I am very limited to what I can do there.

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  2. WOW! That's a lot of re-arranging! My desks have stayed the same all year, there's no where else to arrange them in my teeny tiny room. Even moving just a couple of kiddos around seems like a chore so I'm super impressed! Your room looks great, by the way! : )

  3. lol Jeanne!!! You are not alone! I am notorious for changing my room around. I finally went to tables this year and loved it, but still manage to find ways to change the room a bit over time. I think it's to your credit, you are always adapting with your students.

    Your bowing comment made me crack up! Happy New Year, your classroom is gorgeous, as always!