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Saturday, November 26, 2011


I was awarded an award! Can't believe it! But it is true. Thanks to Teaching First I am overwhelmed!

My blogging is mostly reading and learning from so many great teachers. I can truly say that the "friends" I have met through blogs have changed the way I teach. And my kids reap the benefits. Now in order to keep the sunshine traveling I am going to tell a little bit about ME!
Favorite Color?  Hard to pick. I love black/red/white in combinations. Also blue/green/aqua combinations.

*Favorite Animal? Dogs--I am the proud owner of a schnauzer that is my "baby" now that my kids are grown.

*Favorite Number? 55--this was my son's number in high school football. He's gone on to become a high coach!
*Favorite Drink? Dunkin Donuts coffee and McDonald's Chocolate shakes--Yum-my
*Facebook or Twitter?  Definitely Facebook.
*Your Passion? Oh, this is too difficult. I guess it would have to be trying to make the world a better place.
*Giving or Getting Presents?
*Favorite Day? Sunday.
*Favorite Flower? Roses--I have a few in my yard and my husband brings me flowers frequently!
And the blogs that give me sunshine--I could name many!

1.The Inspired Apple

2.The First Grade Parade

They inspire me spiritually as well as professionally.

3.Mrs. Jump (I think the first blog I found!)

4.Teeny Tiny Teacher--her humor is just what I need many times/days!

5.Teaching in Flip Flops--she shared so many ideas with polka dots last summer!

6.Teacher Bits and Bobs

7.Ladybug's Teacher Files--helped me figure out how to do many things in Blogger

8. Mrs. Bainbridge's Class--she keeps inspiring me in using the Daily 5 combined with the Treasures basal reading program.

9. Babbling Abby (her early posts were ideas for teaching before she started The Inspired Apple

Thank you to all in Blogland for spreading the sunshine in my life!


  1. Thank you for the shout out, my friend! Your blog makes me soo happy! I teach Treasures, too! What unit and week are you on? I have Promethean flip charts on my TpT account for free if you can use them. I'm on Unit 2 Week 5 (We did the Smart Start at the beginning of the year).

    Teaching First

  2. Congratulations on your Award:)
    I am a fellow TN teacher.....don't you just love the constant change!?!?! But we all have each other and that is what gets us through--- that and the coffee, the tylenol, and thought of Christmas Break being right around the corner!

    I am new your newest follwer by the way:)