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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who knew??? I went walking for verbs.

Our Treasures reading series is working on introducing verbs. I really feel my kids have a handle on nouns--that is until verbs are thrown in. Why is it that a little topic like verbs would confuse first graders? I made a graphic organizer as such--thinking on the theme/book I Went Walking. So...the kids got their clipboards, pencils, and the un-exciting graphic organizer and ...we...went...walking around the school. The only "rule" was that they couldn't say a word. They could tap their partner and indicate they saw or heard or noticed an action. OH, in my wildest dreams I didn't think they could follow that rule but they did. AH--awesome! Our school does have self contained classrooms for K-1. However (much to the non-delight of the remaining teachers) the 2-4th grades are open classrooms. We even meandered through a couple of fourth grade classrooms and noticed a few verbs.

The organizer

 When we returned to the room we made a chart of the verbs they noticed. (even...scream, run, hop,--didn't think we would see those but..we have some interesting kids!). I don't have a picture of the chart because my battery died. It wasn't anything to take a picture of anyway!

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