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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Visions of Envisions...

New Math series. Interesting group of kids. A + B = confusion, frustrations, etc.

I thought the "interactive videos" that introduce each lesson would grab their attentions. Well...a %.
I thought that my schedule was absolutely perfect: morning for LA block. Lunch/Specials. Math.= not so much for these interesting kids.

We have a great morning. They focus. They work. They make great conversations during reading workshop.

But once we get ready for Math the kids just could care less. It is just soooo frustrating to want to teach and their shoe laces are more entertaining. The easiest math questions become college thesis material.

So now the delimma of "fixing" the problem. My options:
  1. Move math to the morning. Not my favorite at all. I love reading. I can show them the wonders of books. We can talk. We can read in our book nooks. We can work with words and use poems and songs.
  2. Break up the language arts block. Put math in the middle of the morning (after my kids return from Title Reading pull out). This would give us time to do the group work and independent work. It might leave time for Math tubs after lunch for 20 minutes before specials.
  3. Leave the schedule as it is. We will be moving on to geometry and patterns. Maybe a change in topic will begin to show the kids that math is more than addition and subtraction via the Envisions way!
I welcome all input as to advice.

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