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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EXTENDED writing for Math???

Sometimes it just happens. I jumped on the laptop to check blogs this morning and the Teeny Tiny Teacher had posted just what this Tennessee teacher is feeling experiencing.. You can find HER post here.  Creativeness is hidden because we have those standards to teach, evaluations to perform! But this morning I was inspired--and not just a teeny tiny bit.  Conferences are tomorrow. Parents will actually see what their little angels are doing!

I took that template and stuffed some bright colored paper in the printer and handed those kiddos a large piece of construction paper. tie it neatly with a bow--the math link to the standards to the evaluation to the lesson plans...I printed a little form and the kids were to look in their picture for a doubles fact. Write that doubles fact. Look in the picture for a near doubles fact (or doubles plus one in my vocabulary). AHHHH! A smile on my face. We actually got to do something creative and satisfy those standards too.!!!!

I'll try to imbed that form but it never seems to show up correctly --the fonts get all out of sorts! Any ideas will be welcomed to correct that situation.  Apparently if you download it as a word document it looks like it is supposed to.  :)


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  1. Love it! Do they write any doubles facts? Does it relate to the scarecrow or do they just come up with their own problems?
    Thanks for the idea,