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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Fall Fun

These "pumpkins at night" were done by my little guys in art class. They truly are so sweet! The pumpkins were done with pastels and then painted over with black tempera.

I had the kids write from their "schema" facts they already knew about pumpkins. The next day we read Gail Gibbons' Pumpkin book--lots of "new learning". I used Abby's Pumpkin Fact page for them to write again.

Another inspiration from Abby was for our math lesson. We have just completed Topic 7 in Envisions Math.  Today the kids created their own math story problems using pumpkins, bats, or ghosts foam shapes. Assessment fun!

Envisions uses a work-mat frame to show the whole/parts. So the kids wrote their story--deciding whether it was going to be addition or subtraction. My they were creative. (Did you know that two bats could pick up a pumpkin each and take them away in the air?)

And some inspirations from some blog that I read last night????A very easy way to "fix it" using the SMARTboard/projector. My school has Stationery Studio program that was purchased for the school. It has the neatest graphics and ability to select fonts/handwriting lines/etc. I usually use it every day to begin our day with the morning message. Treasures was teaching about signs and information so I just pulled up the cutest document template and put in my need to be corrected message. Using colorful sticky notes we could edit. AHHHH I love easy!

Now the best news--we are on a four day FALL break which means no school on Halloween!!!!! Bless their little sugar filled hearts that will return on Tuesday.

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