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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh, a moving we will go!

Ok, blogging friends. Let's be honest! How many of you are inclined anal about desks arrangements to the point that they may get moved daily? It begins when you "think" you have the perfect setup.
 The meeting area is in front of the whiteboard/SMARTboard. Which makes the desks around it. OK--perfect--until the number of kids keeps growing, and growing, and growing. The neat storage of reading baskets within each group has to be eliminated.

I think the additional 12 INCHES will help give me tons of rrrrooooooommmmm for those additional desks and chairs and little kids. But....NOOOOO.

I have moved to four groups with five desks--too crowded.  I have moved to three groups again and shoved on one side of the room because one group can't see the whiteboard/SMARTboard when we are working together. I have shoved everything over to one group is actually almost sitting in the hallway!

And then by the grace of God and a little blogging--I see it! Right in front of me. And it worked!!!!
Four groups--but not equal in size. Two groups of six and two groups of four. By turning the groups of four so that only two are facing each other and two are facing forward--it takes LESS space. Another 4 INCHES of walking room.

AHHHH. My kids are actually enjoying our morning exercise time and not collapsing at the thought of coming in and searching for where oh where is MY desk today--on where oh where can it be? It was here yesterday but has gone away, oh where is it today?

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