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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Themed Freebie

Whew! Spring break is over. Back to the early morning wake-up call from my cell phone. Mr. Spouse says to change the song. It currently is Let it Snow (could be hoping for snow days from school). Any suggestions for a new song?

This week we will be learning all about Insects. I have lots of ideas from a FREE TPT set you can find here: Insect Gone Buggy.  Insect Unit Gone Buggy! 
Lots of great ideas and center stations for my firsties to use. I am going to be reviewing fiction and non-fiction. I plan on giving each small group a tub of books and have them sort them into the correct category. Since I have lots of both fiction and non-fiction about insects I feel this will be a great hands-on activity for tomorrow. Then we can place the fiction in one book rack and the non-fiction in the other one.

I made a little partner activity to do on Tuesday. 
I hope that your first day back from Spring break goes well.

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