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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Common Core Research

With the beginning of Common Core in our district there was a huge change in the writing curriculum. I LOVE the differences! GASP, but I am so glad to get away from the small moment-personal narrative that I was stuck in. Of course, at the beginning I felt like I was transformed into the Wizard of Oz. Just click my heels and away I went.

This quarter of our writing samples that go in each child's Reading folders was the research section. We seem to have worked on this for several weeks. The kids LOVE it! We always knew that when they pick up an information book about an animal they just can't wait to share--with you or a friend--just can't wait to share an amazing fact!

We began by doing a whole class theme on Owls. We used this as a tool to review the non-fictional text features. Following that we moved to choosing an animal to work with a small group (with support from others part of the Common Core standard).

I placed seven stations around the room with the animal choices (sharks, snakes, dogs, cats, apes, rabbits, bats). I let them browse the room and then called them back to the floor. Using our tub of student number sticks, I pulled a number and that child took a sticky note and placed their name on their choice. I limited each group to four students. 

Then began the fun part--reading, reading, and talking, sharing. 

Pebblego has also been a fantastic source.

We've been writing. I purchased a set from TPT.

 I hope to get them finished and published next week. The All About Book--A Research Based Informative Writing Project has given us the structure for this Common Core Standard.

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