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Monday, November 5, 2012

Character Analysis

We've been working with characters and learning trying to analyze their personalities. But my little firsties have struggled with this. They want to tell what happened and when it happened. But to try to get them to understand the feelings of the characters and why --well that is another story.

We've tried writing from our point of view. And sharing. And talking. And talking some more.

But when Cara over at The First Grade Parade shared a book and what she had done I quickly grabbed her idea and ...I think they understand now. All because of a little pumpkin that no one would pick. We could now think of how the pumpkin felt. What the pumpkin thought. How s.a.d that pumpkin was! Thank you Cara!

And a highlight from another blog. If you need a smile--just step over to A Teeny Tiny Teacher's blog. Oh-my-word! She should be an author! Her post last night was so, so funny! Just what we need some most days in the life of a classroom teacher.

Now, I have one more day off! We had a little fall break this weekend! Four days! I think I'll curl up and relax tonight.

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