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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Evaluation Help From Abby and Cara

I haven't met Abby. But The Inspired Apple's help for my latest evaluation was a God SEND!!! I think one of the most the most difficult part of the evaluation process is actually deciding what to do. I mean we all KNOW that we teach every day with WONDERFUL and ENGAGING lessons. Right? HMMMM.

(I think my best lessons just kind of happen during the flow of the day. One thing leads to another with a connection, etc.) knew my unannounced visit would be a math of language arts lesson during a week. Lucky me--it was narrowed down to two days since it was this week and we only had school for two days! And..another lucky part was that we share our assistant principal with another school. had to be on Monday.

In Math we were working on plane shapes. The lesson was symmetry. So, I pulled out Cara's lesson with the assessment being the turkey using plane shapes.  If I had it to do again I would make the turkey bodies smaller! Some of the turkeys looked naked after covering up their symmetry.  :)

Actually math is in the afternoon and my evaluation was OVER so we could relax a bit with this fantastic lesson. You can find her original post here.

The reading was the lesson that was the unannounced visit. We have been working on making predictions and inferring. I had used Abby's Snow Day Case Files last year. I hope she doesn't mind but I "recreated" it to be a Fall Day. The lesson went well (according to THE evaluator principal). I created a powerpoint to make sure that I named my objectives several times throughout the lesson. What I did forget. gulp. was Abby's powerpoint that contained the posters as a modeling of the inferring strategy. I got off track. Why is it when we are being stared at, listened to, critiqued, that we would forget?

Below is the powerpoint I used. You can find Abby's great plan here.
Fall Break Case Files

With the Cyber sale on Monday you can probably pick up some great ideas! Isn't TPT wonderful????


  1. Hi there!
    It looks like your eval. went very well! The symmetry project is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing your inferring unit. What a fabulous resource!
    I am your newest follower!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. Glad your eval went well!! Mr. H had to hunt me schedule my 1st one a couple of weeks back. I couldn't decide what to do either {which is why I was hiding.}