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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blog changes and some freebies and ramblings


These words describe my last couple of weeks. It seems like one step forward and a giant leap backwards.
Not for the kids. It is me.

We have finished our first nine weeks! Grades have been submitted. Power Teacher does the work for us. We just input the grades as we go. At the end of the grading period Power Teacher submits the scores/averages to our grading report card site. Ala--what you see is what you get. No fudging on grades are allowed. Also, the parents have access to the grades on line. So--what is this? they can see the final grades and daily grades if they choose. Can't fool me!

I guess with the discontent in my antsy, grumpy, busy teacher life I needed a little update. So...I've spent my Saturday morning changing, making updates, fiddling around, deciding on a new header and background. If I can do it--so can you. It will probably change again and again though!

On to the classroom...

We've been working on "how to" writing for the past two weeks. It's linked to Common Core 1.W.2 in which they write a sequenced list of events. I made this little large foldable to use the graphic organizers.

How to Brush Your Teeth

I found as I moved on to another "how to" topic this week that the kids do great on the graphic organizer but once they write on it--we will just write something totally different on the published piece.

This week I am going to incorporate three "fall/Halloween animals" into our new unit on research. Since our Treasures story is about animal habitats why not use owls, spiders, and bats as research choices. Since this week is going to be cr.a.zy with PLC grade level meeting Monday p.m., all day conferences on Thursday, and a two hour EPIC school celebration on Friday, I foresee this unit moving on to the following week also.

Research Report

But we will divide into three groups to allow research help as described in Common Core 1. W. 2 and 1. W.  5.

I love using the work station activities in a different way. I place cards around the room and let the kiddos search and organize word families, nouns, etc, It gets them up and moving, allows for peer interaction and help, and gives me a quick assessment!

What do you do that would help me?

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