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Monday, September 24, 2012


Not the apple pie type but the author's purpose one! Our school is digging deeper into types of comprehension and story structures. This idea came from a Treasures resource on TPT. We have talked ALOT about author's purpose as in fiction vs non-fiction,, This week we are going to add persuasive writing/opinion to the mix. Since Common Core is helping us to organize our teaching, I am seeing our reading and writing workshop in a totally different way. I seemed to have set sail on a never ending sea and was adrift. I have used Lucy Caulkins Units of Study for Primary Writers. I was  a poor teacher when it came to Writing Workshop. This year I am enjoying it!!!

Today we wrote to inform others about the life cycle of butterflies. (The writing paper is from Stationary Studio software which our school purchased.) 

Monday is the day the kids get to select books for their book baskets. They seem to have the basket with labels figured out pretty close to what I envisioned. I still find a stray book but for the most part they can return the books to the correct basket. We are making progress! I think this class will make great strides as readers AND writers.


  1. Love how you did PIE! And, how CCSS focussed your posts are! I am so happy to be your newest follower, Jeanne!
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