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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Room Tour

Whew!!! Finished--well as finished as I will be. Tomorrow--Sunday--Open House. I worked most of today to finish up.

This is the view from the door. I have four children in each group.

To the right of the door are the mailboxes. On top of the mailboxes are the trays to place finished work. The table next to that is where I will sit to use the SMARTboard slate. 

The whiteboard that becomes the Interactive board when used with the SMARTslate. I have baskets to place donations if parents bring in any supplies. We aren't allowed to give out a supply list.

The pocket chart is where I display the "I can" statements. My trusty rocking chair and chart stand is next to the whiteboard and meeting area.

The anchor chart area for our reading will be displayed in this area. The baskets on top of the long bookcase will be our word work/work stations for Daily 5. The pocket charts allow the kids to choose their activity. I use a kind of Daily 5 but not truly!

With Common Core an emphasis is on non-fiction. The classroom library is separated into different genres. This is the non-fiction area.

The small group/teacher area is next. We have four student computers. 

I display student writing above the sink. Next is the Math area.

And finally back to the door.

I used hot glue to put Target pocket charts on the metal cabinet doors. I have my classroom rules, schedule, and clip chart on these.

You do realize we spend more time in our classrooms than waking minutes in our homes for the next 180 days--don't you?????


  1. I really like your color scheme! And your classroom is SO organized, too!

    Primary Inspired

  2. Love your room- just adorable! Where did you get your Daily 5 posters? They are just what i've been looking for!

  3. Megan, I got the Daily 5 posters last year from the blog: Teaching in Flip Flops.

  4. Jeanne your room is beautiful! Love the bright colors and your banners are just perfect. What a fabulous place for your friends to learn!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  5. Where did you get the shelving holding the student book boxes?

  6. If you are talking about the black shelves holding the Really Good Stuff book bins--I built them. They can be placed between the desks or at the end. I used pressed wood 12" boards that Lowes cut to size.