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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Computer BATTLES

I think my computer/computers must be possessed. It has been one battle after another this week.

  1. After so many of YOU have been showing all the fantastic items made with a Cameo I decided to go to their website and put in for the educator's discount. But...nothing happened. Not one little tiny teeny email back. I tried again. Nothing. And again--Cameo must not like me.
  2. I do my lesson plans on the computer. Since this is the first week of the year that plans have to be turned in it takes a little lot more effort to get the template just the way I want it. Just the way it is easier to use. OK. That task was complete so I wrote a part of the plans yesterday. I finished the plans today and actually printed them. they have disappeared in to computer never land--never to be seen again. GRRRRRR
  3. I try to retrieve my Homework template from last year to modify it. I can't locate it either. 
The trouble lies in that my Dell laptop has a C and a D drive. But the way it is made is that all the documents have been "programmed" to go on the C drive. The issue is that the C drive is very small. I've moved files to the D drive. I've moved files to the Passport. I guess those files just didn't want to take up a new residence.

AND...number four is the most frustrating of all.

We use Treasures as our Basal Reader. I used use an on-line student edition to project the student textbook. We only use it for a shared read. But it is convenient. Well, it WAS convenient. Now the link doesn't work. I logged on to Proteacher and apparently other teachers have the same results. I tried to put in the ISBN number as requested on the McGraw Hill link but it does NOT recognize the student book. Now...I have it in my hand. They sold it to our district. How can they not recognize not only mine but the other teachers who are "upset" over at ProTeacher. This is my update to our Weekly Update! I think I just got divorced.

Readers Workshop
I can use strategies to understand what I read. I make connections to what I read using my schema.
Treasures Reading Activities: Book OneSchoolCenter Picture 
Read and listen to Treasures reading stories. (Apparently the link is currently not working) weekend has been spent trying to solve one, two, three, four issues.

The happy part is that I am going to turn this computer off and go take a nap!

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  1. Good luck, I went to my room and the password for the student computers has changed, but I don't have a note telling me what the new one is.