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Saturday, August 4, 2012


It actually is August. Not only August starts next week for me. As in back to school staff development, meetings, and more. As in Open House--next SUNDAY! So it only means that it is time for Farley's Currently.

To explain--Mr. Spouse has been away. SADsville. We both went to Florida to take care of his mom who was having surgery. But he had to stay because her surgery was scheduled the day AFTER our return flight. Now he is coming back home! Thus the thoughts of him and needing a REAL vacation are on the currently fore front of my mind.

But..remember school starts NEXT week. So--no beach vacation since it would take six hours to get there and hardly seems worth the effort to only drive back six hours in the other direction.

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  1. This is my last Saturday before school, too!! Our kiddos come Tuesday! Where did the summer go? Don't you love the sound of the air conditioner???

    Peace, Love, and First Grade