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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Target "Practice"

It means it is school time when the dollar spot at Target calls my name. I really hit the jackpot today. If I had wanted plastic book baskets I could have had those too. It had everything!!!

Those little bins will hold pencils. I can use the chalkboard area to label--sharpened and dull.

I really don't have a function just yet but they sure match my border in the room so I just had to pick up two.

Poly folders WITH brads and pockets were a steal for 50 cents each. I have some already so only picked up eight.

I love these dry erase boards with handwriting lines. I picked up five to use for word work station or guided reading work with me.

Of course--I picked up a couple more pocket charts. They had FOUR colors--green, blue, red, and purple. I don't really have a shortage but may need two of course.  (I think there is a two problem for me!)

A new trash can for me by the guided reading table. It was in the "college" section but was only $2. 

My greatest find--buy two HP cartridges and get one free. So I racked up a savings of $15 by Target's good deal. I was a happy shopper.

On to Dollar Tree to pick up three more of these babies. I have five of these so one for each table group. I recently attended a Math workshop and want to use an idea I gained. When we are using Math manipulatives put five different types of manipulatives so the kids have a choice. I tend to use those double sided red/yellow circles most of the time. But this year we will have a variety to choose from.

Well, since I now have printer cartridges I better get busy printing, laminating, and cutting out!

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