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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Please help!


I have been searching and searching am determined to find graphic sets like the ones used here: 

Common Core Reading Lessons

If you click on the Common Core button on my right side you can see the full effects. I am presently designing work for the PTO at my school and need these colors/graphics. 

2.  How do you make handwriting lines (the primary style) with solid top/bottom and dotted middle? I am trying to make some activities for the beginning of school.

Now some good news: Toys R Us has 4 boxes of the Crayola crayons for $1. Cool price!Crayola - 24 Ct. Crayons -  Toys R Us 1001153- Toys"R"Us

Office Depot has 1 cent folders (limit of ten).

What deals have you found? I really really need glue but haven't seen it anywhere on sale. Our district doesn't allow asking parents for supplies. No supply list at all. So, I really try to catch the best deals!

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