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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I'm thinking today...
  • I'm on Spring break! Late--yes. But still I'm on Spring BREAK!!!!!
  • My student teacher's week of is NEXT week. That means no planning for me! After all this actually almost equals two weeks of Spring BREAK!
  • We / I/ only have 23 1/2 student days left. The kids actually get three days off because of no snow this winter. And we/I go thirty extra minutes every day to build in 13 snow days. Could it--maybe---mean that teachers will have a chance to work on records, paperwork????
  • I'm sitting in my PJ's after sleeping in with my Kindle Fire and laptop close--really close. I have hot coffee in my cup--a regular cup. This means that I'm not drinking out of a McDonald's cup with a lid at school. This means that I'm not reheating the same cup of coffee 29 times because I haven't had a chance to drink it?  BTW, I love McDonald's coffee. I tried to find out the brand but no go. I would buy it. I would buy it here or there. I would buy it anywhere!
  • I'm sitting near my hubby. He subs at a local school and has a business that he works on weekends. So we never have a day together. This is nice--even though he is watching Gunsmoke every chance he gets.
  • I can see WalMart in a different light. I actually walked/browsed through WalMart yesterday--during the day and it was, well, enjoyable. No dash to get through the aisle and grab needed items, throw them in the car, and run home to cook.
  • I had my nails done...on a Monday morning with calmness in the shop.

What are you loving?

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