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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our week past...

Insects, insects, insects. We've been learning, researching, and having some insect fun. What bugs you came out of Deanna Jump's fantastic Insect Unit.

What started out as a fun I was going to put on display...ended with a few children pouring their innermost thoughts onto their writing. Bullying...issues with parents...but they enjoyed it!

We also learned about fractions using Cara Carroll's "fractionpillar". Loved the idea and so did the other teachers that saw it. So, my grade level got to express out "looooovvvvveeee" for teaching fractions in a fun way. How does Cara come up with these wonderful ideas? 

This is our first year using Envision math and this skill was perfect!

We began our research! FREE from

I divided the kids into teams to research insects. Each team worked together to gather their information and then used a graphic organizer to begin their project. They then wrote their findings, published, and shared!

I got all the ideas from the blogging world and units on TPT. 

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  1. That is such a cute idea! We use Envision Math at our school too and I am constantly thinking up ways to make it more fun for the kiddos! But your idea is great! They incorporate writing too!!