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Saturday, July 9, 2011

What bugs YOU?

Oh, let me count the ways things BUG me!

  1. When I cannot figure something out even when the directions are right in front of me--and I have read them over and over AND actually tried to follow them. It really bugs me. Case in point--New to the blogging world and things have to look appropriate to me. I could not figure out how to make my post titles a bigger font that the posts. So..I googled. I read. I tried. Finally I came across some really great directions here. Dani told me exactly what to do. I tried. I read. I followed along (or so I thought). It didn't work. I could get the link to appear in the drop down menu under design/advanced--but no change in my post title.
  2. When I try to fix something only to really MESS things up--again this bugs me! That little tip about backing up the blog template before trying to change things is a really great idea.Only..this time I didn't follow those directions and lost my template somewhere in cyber land. So now I don't even have a blog that looks like a blog. I have something that has two templates competing with each other and both are there.
  3. OK. Now I have gone from the "bugging" phase to the "frustrated--leave me alone--let me have no noise in the world--I've got to get this fixed! 
  4. Now breathing is a good thing. So, let's step back and search for the template you used, Booky4First. HMMMM. It isn';t in Dani's site but I must have found it there originally. NO--I now have to search through different blogs and find the link to the site I did use. OK--now I found it and I know how to restore it. But alas, Bloogger Blogger has changed. I now need to figure out how to maneuver through DRAFT Blogger. 
  5. I am thinking that my post titles really didn't need to be larger. They were fine! I'll just be content to live with it and go to bed.
  6. When things are bugging me--I can't sleep. I toss. I turn. I visualize and make connections and use my schema. I arise at 5 a.m. and decide I can tackle this.
  7. See--I really did read. I followed the directions. AND then I noticed that the little phrase I had to copy and paste had to be placed.....BEFORE  this little   mark. Apparently that is an important    (.
If you are finding that your little post title font bugs you--feel free--to go for it!

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  1. for me, the one that bugs me is how do I get rid of stink bugs, when they infest in our crops.