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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marker Organization

I set up this shoe storage chart to use for our Bucket Fillers. But not following through since our school district does a different type of character building gave me a chance to use the storage for something a little different. I have markers for the kids to use for "special" activities. I can't ask for the kids to bring in any materials or give out supply lists. So during summer school it dawned on me that I could sort the bins of markers and put a set in each of the cups. Then when the  activity called for markers the kids could get their cup, use them, place them back in the chart.

 This is a shoe storage that I purchased at Target for about $8. I don't recall how many cups/shoes it will hold but at least 24 sections.
The cups I purchased at WalMart in their end of summer clearance. They were really cheap!


  1. This is a great idea! Do you think a small pair of scissors and gluestick would fit, too? Very easy for kids and organized for you :)

  2. I love it! I don't let my kids keep their markers at their desk because I am always answering the question "Can we use markers on this?" Now I have to see if I have room to put one of these up!!

  3. Yes a small pair of scissors and glue stick would fit fine in the cup. The cups I bought were a perfect size for the pockets.

  4. I may have to use this idea for pencils. I'm thinking of putting a number of pencils in each one, and then they'll have a bunch that they're responsible for. Thanks for the inspiration!!


  5. I LOVE this idea! I have big bulky bins full of different materials. This would make it easy for quick hand out and it is out of the way! :)